Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin Tandem Strollers Review

Graco has long been the leader in providing quality products for parents to use with their newborns and toddlers. The Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin/Tandem Strollers is just another in a long line of great products to help provide for the safety and comfort of children.

The insect bug netting works with single, twin, and tandem strollers and is very easy to install. It installs much like a canopy and the netting is small enough to protect against virtually all insects that attempt to sting, bite, or bother your child. This is the perfect solution to protect your child and comes at a very affordable cost to be able to do so.
Whether you have a single stroller, a tandem stroller, or a twin stroller, you will find that this is the ideal product to protect your children. The netting is made to stretch over the larger twin and tandem strollers but also is designed to be altered to fit a single, one-child stroller. This gives parents the flexibility to have this great product to help keep their child comfortable no matter the stroller type or brand.

Features of the Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin/Tandem Strollers Review

Netting Works with Wide Array of Stroller Types and Brands

The netting is made to fit nearly any stroller type or brand that is on the market today. All Graco strollers and most other brands can easily incorporate the netting to protect the child. The packaging provides a list or you can look online. You will find that no matter what the size or type of stroller this netting will most likely fit and protect your child. It is built to accommodate tandem as well as twin strollers or single occupancy strollers. Instructions in use are in the package or you can find more detailed instructions online.

Protects against all forms of mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, and most other insects

The mesh is constructed to limit the size of insects that can gain access, making it a much more comfortable ride for your child. The netting design is actually constructed so that bugs that come in contact with it find it an irritant and depart. It is true that the sweet drinks and treats that most kids have attracted bugs, but this netting will keep them from gaining access. Parents have found that the netting keeps mosquitoes out in every case, making their walks with their children a lot more enjoyable.

Light-Weight Netting

The netting is very light-weight, which ensures that heat is not absorbed, thus endangering your child from over exposure to heat. The netting airs well to keep excessive heat from remaining in the netted areas. Many netting materials do not air properly, which can lead to heat being absorbed into the stroller area creating a sauna-like effect. This can be dangerous to the child, but the Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin/Tandem Strollers does not act in this way and properly airs out to protect your child.

Safe for Children

The closeness of the netting makes it impossible for children to put their fingers or toes through the loops. This ensures that the safety of your child is always at a premium. You will not have to worry about the child getting a finger or toe stuck in the netting or a tear being made by the child attempting to stick their finger or toe through a loop area. The netting is light-weight, but is quite durable and can handle the rigors of moving and continually use.

Durable, Flexible Storage Bags

The storage bag is included with the netting, making it easy to bag the net once and use and attach it to the stroller itself so that it does not get lost. The bag can remain attached even while the netting is in use. The storage bag is made of sturdy construction so it can handle the rigors of opening and closing the stroller, as well as the movement and shifting of putting it in and out of the vehicle or it jostling around in the car. While the net is deployed the storage bag can act as a perfect additional storage container to keep your child's items while you walk.


  • Fits most types and brands of strollers
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight and easy to store
  • Protects against most bugs
  • Keeps mosquitoes away from your kids
  • Durable storage bag keeps netting safe
  • Netting tear resistant
  • Ventilates well to prevent overheating in stroller


  • Huge and bulky to use in some strollers

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q. Is the netting material of sturdy enough construction that it can withstand a rambunctious child?
A. Most definitely. Despite being quite light-weight, it is made to take on the most active child.
Q. Can I use this with my Graco tandem stroller?
A. The Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin/Tandem Strollers is specifically made to fit any kind of Graco stroller. For other brands, it will work well in most cases, but you should check the website for exceptions.
Q. Are the instructions on how to set it up properly?
A. Absolutely. You will find that it comes with very clear layouts of how to best use it to cover different kinds of strollers. You can also check the website for additional configurations.

Final verdict:

The Graco Insect Bug Netting For Twin/Tandem Strollers is the perfect accessory for any stroller to ensure that you can enjoy walks with your child or children outside without having to worry about attacks from bugs. No more will you find your child bitten up by a hoard of mosquitoes or stung by a wasp or bee that wants a crack at your child's juice or candy. Flies will not be pestering your child anymore. You will have a child can be outside in the stroller in a comfortable and safer way than ever before.

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